How To Style A Mochila Bag


As you know, here at Brandfair we absolutely love our beautiful, hand made, luxury Mochila bags. The Summer season is all about those bright, intense colours and livening up an outfit. What better way to do that than with a Mochila bag? We have seen the celebrities wearing Mochila bags in a post that we wrote recently, but what about the rest of us? How do we style one?

We have looked to the wonderful world of fashion bloggers and taken inspiration from their looks, showcasing a variety of ways in which you can style your own Mochila bag. If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for? These beauties are on trend right now.


This outfit above is absolutely, 100%, my favourite of them all. Not only is it glamorous and dressed up, it’s bright, cheerful and so colourful, you can’t help but smile when you look at it. The pop of fuchsia pink mixed with the colours in the Mochila bag are so complementary of each other, you can’t go wrong. This fashion blogger did the perfect thing of pairing this look with a pair of nude heels as well, so she doesn’t overwhelm herself with colour. The focal point is entirely on her torso area and the outcome is stunning.


Perhaps lots of bright colours and pink isn’t your thing and you like something a bit more classic, toned down, but still gorgeous. Well, this fashion blogger above has done just that. Taking a white lace top and skirt and pairing them both with the long line denim jacket is the ideal blend with the earthy, muted tones of the Mochila bag. An outfit base of blue and white allows the bag to stand out more and really show off the hues of red and purple within its embroidery. Even though this is toned down, there is nothing lacklustre about it. That deep red lip just adds a sultriness to the outfit that often isn’t seen.


I feel like this look above has more of a Brazilian vibe to it and it reminds me of the carnival in Rio. Again, using pink is a great way to style a cheerful Mochila bag, but this time this lady opted for skinny jeans and nude heels. While the other look above was quite smart and dressed up, the vibe that this one gives off is more casual and easy. Denim really helps bring an element of ease to outfits, so I think this outfit here is that perfect mix of ease and fun. If you’re not into a cropped top, don’t worry, perhaps you could go for a longer, paler pink shirt instead. I think a full length fuchsia would be too much, so bear that in mind.


Now if any amount of colour really isn’t your style, then I recommend choosing a base outfit of white and black. These neutral light shades are the perfect blank canvas for making your colourful, bright, hand made Mochila bag the complete focal point of your look. Nobody is ever drawn to black and white as a focal unless it has some intricate detailing or a print for your eyes to focus on, but everyone is drawn to bright colours. Keeping that in mind means that the whole focus of passers by will be entirely on your bag, showing itself off in all its glory and not being held back by other clothing overshadowing its presence.

So what final styling advice can you take away from this blog post? Lets see:


  • Wearing fuchsia or bright shades of pink with a colourful, bright Mochila bag is a winner. The colours work well together and make a gorgeous colour palette for your eyes to look at. Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit, like your shoes, in a nude tone – don’t over do it.


  • If you want the bag to be the focal point of your outfit, keep your clothes in a black, white or grey colour scheme so the bag stands out on its own.


  • You can dress a Mochila bag up in a classy way by opting for lace or voile on your clothing choices and high heels as well. Even blazers thrown over the top will work.


  • If you want to keep it casual, the Mochila bag is known for that type of easy going, travelling appearance. Jeans, maxi dresses and t-shirts make a great base for our hand-made, luxury Mochila bags.


  • We also have two types of Mochila bags for you: the classic, simple styles or the more fancy, crystallised and beaded bags. You can choose how you style either.

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Images courtesy of Pinterest, Serendipity & My Mysterious Girl.

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