Wayuu Mochila Colombian Handbags, Handmade & Unique

The Wayuu Mochila handbags are a piece of art made by women of the Wayuu tribe. Through the elaboration of these bags they express their feelings and desires which are reflected in the colors and patterns of these. All bags are completely handmade, unique and the process takes more or less 20 days to complete using the crochet technique. Traditional and luxury Mochila Bags are both made by the Wayuu women. However, the luxury Mochila Bags are adorned by Nina Bonita, a Colombian designer, with crystals and leather. 

Luxury Mochila Bags

Original Mochila Wayuu

Original traditional Mochila are handmade bags made from cotton by the women belonging to the Wayuu tribe, located in Guajira, Colombia. Each bag is unique and takes up to three weeks to weave. The braided strap, its colors and patterns make of this bag a unique product, perfect for any occasion and style. Click below to see them all.

Luxury Mochila are original Wayuu handmade bags adorned with leather, lined inside and inlaid with up 2000 fine crystals. Luxury Mochila are 100% hand made and unique to each other. They are divided in 5 main categories, each of one with its proper style and features: Istanbul, Paris, London, Santorini e Persia. Check them up!

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