Celebrities Wearing Mochila Bags


The beautiful, hand crafted Mochilla bag has been making its way onto the fashion scene over the last year, being adored by celebrities all over Hollywood and becoming a luxurious item to own, as I’m sure you have already seen. Not only are Mochila bags ethically produced and are making way for ethical fashion to become popular, but they are a fashion statement and a talking point in their own right.

Celebrities like Rachel Bilson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kourtney Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Shakira are just a few well known names that┬áhave been seen wearing a beautiful, hand crafted Mochila bag. Having been spotted out running errands, attending events or making their way to work with one in their hand or gracing their shoulder. It’s not just celebrities though, many different fashion bloggers and street style stars have posed with a Columbian made Mochila bag too, especially during the summer months and festival season, since they have the perfect look for that.

If you’re not sure on how to style your own bag, why not get some inspiration from the stars? Kourtney Kardashian has proven that you can wear a Mochila bag in a glamorous way with her bright pink, tailored playsuit and nude heels, giving her look a pop of colour with the aztec print on her bag. Shakira has gone for a more laid back approach with a lovely white maxi dress, adorned with a bright red and orange Mochila bag. Actress Rachel Bilson kept to a similar approach as Shakira, wearing a floral print dress, a similar style bag and some sandals, while model Alessandra Ambrosio kept her outfit super casual with a pair of denim shorts, some comfortable sandals and a tie front top, finished off with a hat and sunglasses, and of course her bright pink Mochila bag.

Fashion bloggers have shown that you can style Mochila bags in a variety of ways too, including similar and different approaches to the celebrities. Some fashionistas have opted for glammed up versions with expensive heels and dresses (very similar to Kourtney Kardashian), or worn more simpler with some cute espadrilles and cut off denim shorts. Lace and crochet seems to be a favourite with styling as well, giving off that perfect festival, hippy vibe that everyone has come to know and love.

If you thought Mochila bags were made more for the fashion conscious and ethical woman, you thought wrong. Sure they are perfect since they are hand made and the Wayuu women are given a fair wage for their creations, but they also make a fashion statement in their own way. With each Mochila bag being unique, hand crafted and original, it actually becomes a luxury bag to own because there’s no two exactly the same. Everyone loves some exclusivity don’t they? And celebrities have proven it works for them too.

Since Mochila bags come in all different shapes and sizes, colours and prints, there really is one for everyone. If you prefer more earthy tones, then a blend of brown, black and white would be ideal for you. If you are fun loving and adore bright colours, then a contrasted mix of bright colours is perfect. If you are more into your bling and love anything sparkly, then the crystal adorned luxury Mochila bags are an amazing option for you. Maybe you want what’s most popular so you can stay on trend? Celebrities have displayed their love for the medium sized bucket bag in an explosion of colour to really bring flare and fun to their outfits. Why don’t you get some inspiration and brighten up your outfit too?

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