5 Ways To Ethically DIY Your Clothes

If you have some old clothes that you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t want to wear anymore either, why not do some good old fashioned DIY? Here are 5 extremely easy, quick, and fun ways in which you can create new items of clothing out of your old ones. That’s a great way to be ethical, unique and save money!

Turn Jeans Into Shorts


One of the easiest ways to be thrifty, save money, and be ethical, is to turn what you already have into something else. The most common piece of clothing anyone looks to first for doing a spot of DIY is a pair of jeans. Jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing to do any form of DIY on and the easiest way is to turn a pair into denim shorts.

It’s literally as simple as putting the jeans on, marking where you want the shorts to hit on your legs, then chopping the jeans to meet that measurement. You can then fold the hem over a couple of times to hide the raw finish, or you can leave them that way. You do need to remember to cut 2 inches below where you want the denim shorts to be though if you’re having a fold, otherwise they end up shorter. But it is as easy as that.

You might want to decide what fit you would like though, so if you do want something vintage inspired, why not pick up an old pair of Levi’s 501 jeans from a charity shop or use a pair you might already have. These will then be the high waisted denim shorts everyone adores! If you prefer a looser, more relaxed fit, use a pair of boyfriend jeans as they are fitted that way to begin with. If you want a pair of tight shorts, a skinny jean is the way to go. So make sure you know what you want before you do the chop!

And one huge important thing, do not throw away your offcuts! Keep them, you’ll see why! 

Turn T-Shirts Into Tank Tops


If you have some old t-shirts lying around that you don’t wear anymore because you have outgrown them and the shape isn’t for you, why not turn them into tank tops? You can watch this YouTube video for a guide. But it really is as easy as cutting off the sleeves and tying a band around the back to make it more open, like the photos above. If you haven’t got any t-shirts that you might want to cut up, then head to your local charity shop or thrift store and check out the selection. Lots of people always donate t-shirts, they are one of the most common items, so it’s worth having a look. You can even find vintage band tees that you might want to make a bit more modern, but test it on a t-shirt you’re not too worried about first. It’s an extremely cheap and easy way to get a new lease of life out of your old top.

Tie A Scarf Around Your Bag


Many of us fall in love with a bag and have to buy it, but what happens when you have worn that bag for so long, you feel you’re a little bit tired of it, but don’t want to buy a new one? It’s easy! Tie a scarf around the handle! There are many ways you can do this and that’s either by letting it drape off the handle, like it does in the picture, or you can completely wrap a smaller scarf around the handles, so you have handles that are spruced up and unique. You can choose to tie your scarf however you want to as it’s your bag, but one thing it will do is reinvent it in the way it looks, its colours, and how it feels. You can switch your scarves out as often as you want to to create as many different looks as possible, be unique and have fun!

If you’re bored of scarves, why not try adding a few different keychains to your bag too? That can work!

Add Lace Or Patches To Denim Shorts


So you have worn those denim shorts you made from your jeans more than enough times and are a bit bored of them already, what can you do? You can make them a bit more interesting on the eye. One way you can do this is with lace, just find an old lace top of your own that you no longer want (or head to your fabric shop), and stitch a section of lace onto one side of the front of your shorts, just like the photo. All it requires is for you to make sure you measure the lace correctly, it’s so easy! You don’t even have to use lace to do this as you can use any printed fabric that you want, even tartan! Go as wild as you like!

If lace on the front isn’t what you want and you prefer something more chic, why not watch this YouTube video for a guide. This lady cuts a triangular insert out of the outer seams of her denim shorts and stitches in a triangle of lace instead. I think these denim shorts are absolutely gorgeous this way! So unique and pretty! Don’t forget you can also DIY the back pockets as well, just cut a pocket shape out of your desired fabric and stick it on! Simple! Now go and rock your cool ‘new’ shorts.

Turn Off Cuts Into Accessories


I hope you kept the off cuts of your jeans when you made those denim shorts! If you did, you can make accessories like bracelets and necklaces out of the hems and the fabric leftover. I’ve seen a lot of people turn the hem into bracelets, either by adding wire to them to make them sturdy or a popper/velcro as a clasp, and it works. The best thing about denim bracelets is that you can put beads on them, sequins, paint… whatever you want to use, you can. Be as creative as you want and make those bracelets personal to you. If you have enough denim left over, you can even save patches of it to add to another pair of jeans to make patchwork jeans! You can do so much with left over denim, never throw it away.

Images courtesy of The Glamourai, The Hunt, YouTube, Lady Violette & Nan Carts

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